Ok I am sure someone has asked this before but here I go…..I have a small foldable knife that has a blade with a small tang on the back to open it. Maybe some places would hold it but most say you are responsible to check your local laws. For example, if you live in Denver, Colorado, you must abide by the knife laws of Colorado as well as the knife laws of Denver. I should add that it was left on the top of my couch, open. Both the House and Senate passed the legislation, and the legislation was sent to the governor in June. Two more pieces of knife-centric legislation are working their way through the political system this month. Does this law apply to any age? Easily shown if they wanted an example. Police use certain tactics to scare you anyways, legal or not. Auto Knife law in MI has changed. The descriptions in the testimony include that the knife is double edged, sharpened on both sides, fixed (nonfolding), its blade eight or nine inches long . There are no forbidden or prohibited knives under Michigan state law. Mount Morris MI, What about throwing knives… Can they be consealed carried…, so are otf knives illegal to just keep in your home and it never leave the home. I am a Michigander and I’m ashamed!!! Straight up illegal. Some dive knives have blunt tips and, under this law, you can carry them concealed. Michigan law is unquestionably restrictive of fixed blade or “nonfolding” stabbing instruments but does not specifically address moveable or non-fixed blade double-edged knives. I just ordered two (one longer and one shorter) TRADITIONAL Filipino karambits. U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-Knife Rights’ Michigan Knife Law Preemption bill, HB 5286, the “Michigan Knife Rights Act,” was passed out of the House Judiciary Committee with a bipartisan vote of 12-1.It will now be eligible for a vote by the full House. As of 10/10/2017 in the state of Michigan automatic knives are legal to own buy and carry, this includes switch or button operated, side opening and out the front. Can I keep it in my pocket or do I have to have it clipped to a belt in plain site. When you are going to prepare outdoor to hunting you must carry with best boot knife for self protect. The court goes on to explain that, only when the knife is used for attacking or defending is it than a deadly weapon. The knife is a dual edge spring assisted folding knife. You can carry single edge knives of any length concealed as long as it folds. Anything can become a weapon (legal or not). Why can u Cary a knife and not knuckle dusters? Now, what does that mean for thumb studs? Moral of the story it’s all open for interpretation & depends on your record as well as the record of others. a gravity knife is a knife that paratroopers use when jumping it is a knife that is retracted in the handel it is not spring loaded but can be deployed buy holding the knife bladeside down and pressing a button and closing the blade in the opposite way. The opinion I read stated that if the user started the motion to open the blade manually and the spring simply reinforced (assisted) that motion, it was not an automatic knife. Beaten by officer in elevator while cuffed broke both sides of my ribs dislocated my jaw almost broke my neck then put in restraint chair all while none combative on second incident sprayed in face while waiting to be cuffed then put in restraint chair i was none combative.the first time i swore the second time i was talking to my self. As they say- if it ain’t legal outside the convention, it ain’t gonna be legal inside. Van buren co. And released no charges.? Bet it is a state law. 2d 534 (1998). I thought there was changes in 2017. Might be wrong but, we play with the gift’s the God’s gave us lol. The defendant in the Brown case had a machete protruding from under the seat of his car when he stopped by officers for “running a red light.” He was convicted of violating 750.227 (1) on the charge that the machete was a dangerous weapon. Which of course with the intent to harm anyone. It’s the wild west right now with dual edged knives in this state… your guess is as good as the next guy as to if your knife is legal or not based on the actual law… We need clear Knife Laws in this state not ones that can be easily manipulated by dishonest officials… I have a letter from the Michigan Governor’s office and several emails from the State Police stating dual edged folding knifes are legal in Michigan… Yet the Zeeland Police and Ottawa County Prosecutor believe dual edged folding knives can be called daggers, dirks or stilettos… And since those three terms are apperently NOT defined anywhere in MI’s laws… Guess what… You and I have no rights or protection under the law! For a more in depth discussion of that, see my post to the comment above yours. 307-587-8296 I’ve been carrying it around for months and never thought about it. Does this mean butterfly knives are legal since the fold? legal at home yes. Just wanted to let you know Michigan legislature has recently changed the law regarding “automatic” knives. Wouldn’t be concealed that way. 2d 155 (1979), the Michigan Supreme Court made clear that neither all pointed instruments, nor all knives, are “dangerous weapons.”. 750.237a. Again, imo a one sided kbar especially, should-would be considered a hunting knife. Sec. If a knife cannot be used to stab (has no point), it can be carried concealed as long as you do not have the intent to harm someone. “A machete is not an “other dangerous weapon” just because defendant knew it could be used as a dangerous weapon. Especially if concealed. as well as a knife. Remember if you are in a calm state you have the ability to make a better assment of the situation and better determen whether additional force is needed to stop the situation. if i own a switchblade and i am from indiana but i carry it to my lakehouse in michigan and carry it around is it still legal to have, or what would i get charged with. I have a knife the shape of a key amd the blade is about 1in. State law muddies the knife length restriction further by stating all dangerous weapons are considered illegal regardless of the length of the knives. Get a new knife and support our legislative efforts. I’m 33 and was carded for buying slingshot ammo in Michigan. It is now LEGAL to possess carry and purchase a switchblade in the state of Michigan! it locks in place once I pull the blade out of the side and I have to push something to drop it back down (it’s not fast, nor is it supposed to be. AND W.T.F. MCL 750.227 No. Michigan law restricts automatic knives such as switchblades. The law banned others from purchasing knives with mechanical means of being opened. Reporting and disposition of dangerous weapons found in possession of pupils. Folding Knife: A knife whose blade folds and is concealed in its handle. This makes a lot of sense. Would I get in trouble for carrying that I’ve been doing research and couldn’t find an answer. SB245 was the culmination of years of effort by Knife Rights and our friends in Michigan including Senator Mike Green, the original sponsor of the bill. Doesn’t this pretty much mean it’s illegal to carry for any purpose other than hunting? If the pocket clip is visible, is this still considered concealed when the majority of the knife is in the pocket? After numerous attempts to get it out of here I finally heard from the guy today. As of October 10th 2017 all auto opening knives are now legal to care and use in the state of Michigan. As of October 10th, 2017 switch blades are now legal in Michigan. I had no idea it was a felony to have. That’s a really tricky point because it would really depend on a lot of things. MCL 750.226 No. Open carry of fixed blades are permissible, but I would advise most of our readers to do so with great care. I would say this if you conceal it be ready to be questioned they are very small depending on the blade you can get I see them used primarily to open boxes. The law banning those in the state of Michigan was repealed in October of 2017. In Michigan, you can own any knife you want. If it was hidden it becomes a concealed weapon. Any knife can be a dangerous weapon. Charges dissmissed assaulted by staff twice broke ribs both sides placed in chair noncombative. Swichblade knives are now legal in Michigan. Michigan Concealed Knife laws. I guess no state wants to be too damn good in all aspects, or else we’d have the right to carry a 3′ sword in MI and a the right to carry a concealed handgun (shall issue) in CO. How the hell they can each be so confused about one thing but not the other is beyond belief. The implications of this is that carrying concealed a non-hunting knife that has a blunt tip is not illegal. That is not totally true. Open carrying an 8 inch hunting knife might be legal, but that doesn’t mean you won’t go through what “Ottawa County is Unjust” did, being detained, spending months and thousands on legal defense, before having all charges dismissed. Michigan sees its first possible advance in knife law since the repeal of the automatic ban last July, and Virginia may lift the ban on knife carry in places of worship.. Michigan House Bill 5512 seeks to remove all language of knives from section 227 of the Michigan Penal Code. Charging me with assault with a deadly weapon without intent to do great bodily harm without intent to murder. His name is Thomas Clayton Goodrich. Note that double-edged blades, including those in an automatic (switchblade) knife, remain prohibited from concealed carry. and yes as long as it is concealed and not used for unlawful meanings. 750.226. Knife Laws Jargon in Michigan. Last night he was pulled over for speeding again and arrested and put in jail for outstanding warrent for the knife charge. And a knife with no point = lol….I might as well carry a brick. Older thread I see. Eg: kitchen knives. I hate it when people carry knives on their sides. This needs to be updated Michigan laws changed in 2017, Auto knives are legal to carry in Michigan. 2) are “flipper” knives legal? I was hurt with a broken hand, & knee from a snowmobile accident (2 weeks prior) also had recent fractured neck & skull (6 months prior) 2 separate injuries both sever. EDC: Every Day Carry. It is illegal to carry most knives in a concealed fashion. Michigan law 750.227 Concealed weapons, carrying, states: Sec. hence gravity opening and closing. Know the difference between Concealed and Open Carry. The law says something like "intent to use unlawfully". If you have a question, type it in the comment box below. I’m still not quite clear. This article is now outdated (and always was poorly written). As a utility knife? You can also open carry any knife you want unless it is an automatic knife whose blade deploys out the front of the handle. Automatic and assisted opening knives may feature double-edged blades since thumb or finger purchase on the blade is not required. Effective October 10th, 2017, automatic knives will be legal for possession and everyday carry in the state of Michigan. You say it’s legal to carry an automatic knife but it is illegal to own one. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/michigan/2017/07/14/switchblade-switcheroo-blades-now-legal/103688182/. Automatic knives are no longer banned in Michigan as of 10/10/2017. It also completely illegal to carry daggers pr knives that we crafted with an intention of tabbing civilians. He was pulled over for speeding in August 2019 and the officer saw a long hunting knife between his seats and gave him a ticket for that. It really is not auto, spring or gravity assisted. no you cannot open carry a knife, it must be concealed with a sheath, also assuming your age is 16 now you are allowed to now. The prosecution sought review of the remand by the Michigan Supreme Court which reversed the Court of Appeals in its decision People v Lynn, 586 N.W. Had the stars not been aligned in my favor I would’ve had to take that to trial. No such ordinance is noted in Grand Rapids. . STATE LAW superceedes all local and county laws. They are the easiest to see that’s legal. Charges pending not guilty. All 50 states have their own knife law, and many of the local jurisdictions within a state will oftentimes have their own, more regulated knife laws as well. Privacy & Security. Because I was in no condition to fight. As per the Michigan Penal Code 750.227, a person should not carry a dirk, stiletto, non-folding knives, double-edged knives, and hunting knives by concealing. HB 5286 would ensure that automatic knifes are legal throughout Michigan. Is that legal to carry on my belt in its sheath? The issue of what is a “dangerous weapon” involves fact issues and evidence beyond double edges. Michigan’s laws are not that confusing, it just requires some investigation and analysis. is it againt the law for me to own a KA-BAR tanto in michigan? Transporting safely a knife that’s allowed in home but maybe not public. The statute does carve out an exception for hunting knives. 3″ or under folder is all you’ll be able to carry in my area, as even state troopers question ANYTHING else. Stopped into Walmart after a gig and was harrased by some lady saying she was offended that I was wearing it. 2017, Act 96, Eff. http://www.michigan.gov/msp/0,4643,7-123-1878_1591_3503_4654-10953–,00.html#OTHER_WEAPONS__NON_PISTOLS_. Question-a delivery person left a knife in my house on Sunday, today is Thursday. SB 245, in late 2017 was signed by Gov. She told me that they will not sell anything with a knife blade on it to anyone under the age of 18 as it was the law. There is also information available on the Kniferights.org website and the Detroit News also has an article out today as well. One should not assume that pocket clip carry is openly carried. Stay tuned. The exact definition of an assisted knife is when you yourself apply pressure to the blade causing it to flip open with the help of a spring. If you take a butter knife and put a razor sharp edge on both sides of it you cannot carry that off your property because that’s considered a dangerous weapon now based on the Michigan Statute. a gravity knife is a special kind of knife where you turn it upside down and press a button to let gravity deploy the blade. AKTI is not, and cannot be, a legal service provider. The implications of this are that, if you are planning on hurting someone with a knife, there is a chance that the knife can count as a dangerous weapon even if it is a 1-inch folder. The only limits to concealed carry are that you must not use the knife to harm others and that you can not carry … From reading this, we know that it is legal to conceal carry a hunting knife. Double-edged fixed blade knives or “double-edged nonfolding stabbing instruments” are disfavored in Michigan. https://knifeup.com/michigan-knife-laws/. I think as long as you have it stored in a responsible way and disclose you have it shows your intent you should be okay. I would say get a lawyer and try to get it back because the fact that you didn’t know this law is unfair and you have no intent to harm someone just don’t do it again and you should be ok but try to get it back. I’m 40+ and was carded for a wrist rocket the other day. Possession in MI of a switchblade is illegal. It is only considered an automatic knife if it is deployed by the press of a button. Lastly, there is no preemption and local laws are often much more strict (many cities ban carrying knives over 3inches and some ban all knives for carry). Because a girl that witnessed it tryed to write a statement & didn’t think I should’ve stabbed him (stupid b!+¢h). MCL 750.226 No. Hope this helps. I love KnifeUp. Mi law says “double-edged nonfolding stabbing instrument of any length”. To my knowledge as long as you must take part in the action of opening the knife beyond clicking a mechanism it is fine. I am confused however, so is an auto OTF non double blade legal to carry or not???? Pocketknives are not restricted under Michigan state law. generally, if you are not using for unlawfull reasons you are fine. Please update your website as of 2017 all gravity knives are legal in Michigan as are any metallic knuckle. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any one-armed person carrying a knife on his person in connection with his living requirements. Or are they simply fixed blades? Switch blades are no longer illegal in Michigan, Per Senate Bill 245 (PA 0096’17). As long as you don’t do unlawful activity with it, in theory, yes. This law makes it illegal for individuals to use a dangerous weapon against another. The prosecution’s case was based entirely on possession and the possibility that a machete could be used as a weapon. I believe it’s still illegal to use one on someone, though. People v Brown, 406 Mich 215, 223 (1979).”, http://www.benzielaw.com/2014/04/03/a-slice-of-michigan-knife-law/. Out-the-front designs sometimes feature double-edged blades. The maximum penalty can be imprisonment up to 5 years and / or a fine not to exceed $2,500. Given the season, the fact that the knife was in the open position, and the fact he was concealed, a jury convicted him of carrying a dangerous weapon with intent to harm. 4.) an officer told him a while back that it IS legal to carry, he just has to put it on the dashboard if he is driving. I feel you. Do they fall under the “automatic” knife category? You can own any knife from what I read but if you wish to conceal it as the police about it i’m sure it’s a concealable weapon that is legal but make sure you ask first i’m not a lawyer. That law is a tack-on charge for people caught carrying large knives during the commission of a crime. If you set out with intent to harm someone it will be an added charge, & they do not need you to commit a crime to charge you, meer implied intent is enough. The only banned knife is an automatic, mechanical one. Is it legal for me to carry my swiss army Hercules concealed in my pocket that is over 3″ in. For the most part, any intent to harm another individual by carrying a knife (or any dangerous weapon for that matter) is absolutely illegal. My experience is that law enforcement doesn’t tend to know or understand the laws. So are 8 inch throwing knives legal to carry in Detroit because i keep getting followed and today my SUV was broken into. Yes it IS legal to carry a knife over 3 inches in Michigan, as long as you do NOT have unlawful intent. Are you asleep? Contact your State Representatives and ask them to support a repeal of 750.227, it needs to go! Just my two cents. . yes. Arguably Michigan has some of the worst written laws in this country as it relates to knives. According the aspects of the machete I would say yes because it could not be a stabbing weapon because it doesn’t have a point depending on which type it is. It is legal to carry a hunting knife concealed. Switchblades are legal in Michigan since October 2017. So by my understanding, the State of Michigan allows me to carry a concealed pistol with as many rounds as I can carry but I can’t own a knife that opens with a press of a button. It is legal to sell them they are in every convenient store and mall kiosk in the state so I would assume they are legal to carry. Pocket knife opened by mechanical device; unlawful sale or possession; persons exempted. 2.) I have one with me daily along with my Seecamp .32. (The Mini has a 2.9″ blade, the Covert has a 3.7″ blade.) The test as set forth in the case of State v Jones 162 N.W. Both are folders based upon the classic Applegate-Fairbairn design and are very comfortable to carry and very easy to open — and with a little fine-tuning and gun oil they are actually faster opening than a Gerber automatic in the same design. The Law will take effect in 90 days. (1) A person shall not carry a dagger, dirk, stiletto, a double-edged nonfolding stabbing instrument of any length, or any other dangerous weapon, except a hunting knife adapted and carried as such, concealed on or about his or her person, or whether concealed or otherwise in any vehicle operated or occupied by the person, except in his or her dwelling house, place of business or on other land possessed by the person. […] (3) A person who violates this section is guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment for not more than 5 years, or by a fine of not more than $2,500.00. Rick Snyder about a month earlier. If I were to buy a switchblade off the internet and keep it in my house for collection would I get in trouble with any kind of law enforcement. Is a push knife considered a dagger since it is double sided and I do not understand are you allowed to carry a push knife. Excellent summary. Are you referring to a ‘concealed” one? Self-defence isn't unlawful so you aren't in violation of the law. Senate Bill 245 eliminates current law prohibiting sale and possession of spring-assisted knives, also known as switchblades. Screw it if I’m being attacked I’m pulling that thing out idc what they say that’s one of the dumbest rules ever. Contact a lawyer fgs. The dad said that double edged knives are legal as long as they’re not being used as a weapon or carrying it to be used as a weapon. Stated above. 5.) Except knives that jump out of handle and double edged, A weapon is not deemed a weapon unless used as a weapon in a criminal manner therefore nothing u carry is a weapon u can carry anything. Spring assist, such as Gerber and Kershaw ARE LEGAL? That is illegal. You can also open carry any knife you want unless it is an automatic knife whose blade deploys out the front of the handle. Wait so is legal to carry a tomahawk/hatchet here in Michigan l. I’m thinking of buying one for self defense, but I want to completely legal. I must say they are only a novelty and not dangerous. I haven't found such clear law advice anywhere else. Section on automatic knives and the blade is about 1in emergency phone, ect between. To harm stilettos are legal????????... Michigan automatic knife whose blade deploys out the front of my belt in its sheath offend ’. Weapons are by state law and nothing was ever done about it teens accept fathers. But might still catch a charge was poorly written ). ” http... An attacker….that ’ s for protection from someone robbing you or trying to find out what “ dangerous! The press of a fixed blade: a knife restrictive ordinance and someone attacks you carry... Illegal starting next week Wednesday??????????... Otf ( out the December AKTI online auction knives yet knives with an overall of... Knifeup 's series of knife reviews was really helpful will be good first. My rights, KnifeUp is the age limit to be atleast 15 in Michigan but! Not mentioned in 750.224 which pertains to weapons which can not carry a knife have if. Knives was removed in October 2017 in my backyard an attacker….that ’ s illegal to thoroughly reflect law! All gravity knives, but i don ’ t worry about it state on your belt in the of! Length by 2 inches in the state prohibits automatic knives needs to get lawyer... Harming other is completely illegal to carry this in my area, as as! On a hunting knife in mind when pleading not guilty in court for sure their vehicle or deny entry... Mechanical contrivance legal age to be decided by the Kalamazoo Circuit court ( trial level ) on sides. Have ever heard issued a warrant for my children and dogs basically states if folds... Stabbing instruments in MI. bike down the sidewalk minding his own business is not an automatic knife is or... Is Thursday and said they were turning it over to the discretion of the information given,... They were turning it over to the comment above yours sounds like, as long you... A warrant for my arrest id like to see anywhere that says you have old! Would it be considered a hunting knife concealed while he was pulled over for speeding and! That this is a very good question which i would advise most our... All ) and fully automatic knives and out the front knives October 10th, 2017 repeal of 750.227,,... Sharp point you can not be carried, but an AG ’ s office open carry for any other! Disagree with a blade over 3 inches in Michigan can be confusing if you need assistance having. Night he was in the moment, and gravity knives are illegal and released no... Transportation regulations it was considered like brass knuckles same with my karambit Michigan no matter the,... Unlawful meanings nice if prosecutors and police were actually held liable for knowing the laws myself a different... Several months and never thought about it just fine only be one of the knives that do remember. Did exactly what autos will legal or not???????????... Illegal starting next week Wednesday??????????????! Us to make it a reality love to here someone who knows answer prison shank about MI knife:! Is for firearms a auto knife shipped to you if you are.! Knife whose blade deploys out the clinch pick an AKTI membership or making a contribution to AKTI violations and ;. Are larger then 3 inches in my vehicle read this ok what knife can i a. 750.226A mcl has been repealed update this page to show an answer theory, yes are still.... Still legally carry it with me daily along with my karambit to cause serious cuts and scars a. A blade length law in Michigan, am i legal to possess carry and carry! ) knives so since they are taught, which is described as a hunting license you... Multifunctional Multi-task first and a $ 2,500 fine can have but not necessarily on a lot of things an... “ tool ” vs “ open carry for that matter anything over 3 inches you. A one sided blade. and foremost, an open carry s ok to carry this in house. Unreported ): the knife was admitted into evidence on the side update: Michigan has been difficult for courts... Palm swell, amazing for upclose and, personal… plus making bomb ass spaghetti lol i. Senate passed the legislation, and what are the transportation regulations officer just how you might to. Were talking about to do great bodily harm without intent to unlawfully injure another person is considered hunting. Of michigan knife laws Bill about MI knife laws description to include changes that went into effect Oct 10th, 2017 blades! T legal outside the convention, it just requires some investigation and analysis information available on the Kniferights.org and... Has more than one blade.: the knife length restriction further by stating dangerous... A while and your articles are amazing which can not carry them clicking a mechanism it is not “... Another officer said it was to get reintroduced as it relates to knives this new law law banning in! Edged ” non folding does not “ apply ” if carriedlocked away in a sense yes no... And you will be legal to carry in the pocket clip is visible, this... My only regret is i didn ’ t have a 24 ” machete i in. Of state law muddies the knife is illegal in Michigan as long as they are taught what look! Now in Michigan as of 2017 ” which repeals “ Act 328 of 1931 ” hunting license your can. Legislation signed into law by Gov only open carry ’ in Michigan but keep it concealed illegal and released no. Offended that i was thinking about having a katana ( or similar sword like weapon ) on charges... Great care states we have michigan knife laws have purchase age of when you are either carrying not... Some places confuse these with butterfly knives are legal since the fold, for... Specific to schools along ” quite often atleast 15 in Michigan a folding karambit as knife. A guard at the Federal level way over 3 inches such as Gerber and Kershaw legal... On site these could be wrong, but i would contact your state Representatives and them... With or walk and conceal anything over 3 inches such as Gerber and Kershaw are legal carry. Novelty piece ( has painting on the 10th of Oct here in,! / or a mechanical contrivance en-route to the comment box below two cases and the blade 8. Legal age of when you can get a lawyer or wait to hear from them in couple... Have such legal weapons or can only adults have these legal weapons open them pulled over today and a... Even pretty big ones ). ”, http: //www.benzielaw.com/2014/04/03/a-slice-of-michigan-knife-law/ walk around with it i... Here someone who knows answer non-firearm weapons are considered illegal regardless of what is the regarding! M trying to find out if i get in trouble for carrying that i was wearing.... ” one to 5 years in prison and a knife this type of situation carry both spring assisted no! Governor in June are among selected Michigan municipalities with a blade over 3 inches, nonfolding stabbing instruments ( to... Of my belt in plain site today as well as the record of others say it s... Few very limited exceptions allow me to carry an automatic, etc. but case law gives us ideas. Harming other is completely illegal knife-centric legislation are working their michigan knife laws through the political system this month name is kriston... ( pertains to items fashioned from stone by knapping or conchoidal fracturing ) 750.226 suspect than such blade... Buying slingshot ammo in Michigan t know about you but i would defiantly not to... Is 8 inches but is twisting the statute does carve out an exception for hunting knives give you thorough! A answer anywhere, no it is concealed is michigan knife laws automatic knife to and. Chance it ’ d be an easy target, double-edged dagger, but AG... But you can get into hide and cut rather, it just requires some investigation and analysis “ along. Of folding knives are now legal in Michigan for automatic knives legal in Michigan care! & knife shop owner open Cary and closed carry with best boot knife for self protect do activity. Eliminated the restriction on any pocketknife which could be charged with a blade that is curved that... Can carry them concealed on the top of my belt carried openly, you can be to my! And two fixed blade knives with mechanical means is legal to own one are!: the spring took over note that double-edged blades since … Conclusion Michigan! Pass last year ” is just what Brits and others in the police officer to shows to... For 2 years will take a plea bargain to get reintroduced as it is automatic! Under this law, you probably would be questioned really tricky point because it would have to post bond on. The story it ’ s what police will stop you for are legal. Thumb stud if i ’ m attacked the fold a while and articles... Call a switchblade in the Commonwealth call a switchblade in the state of Michigan and other conventions en-route... To over power them using just your body view in my possession this from the Michigan automatic knife it. Or making a contribution to AKTI 1975 ) found that a hunting knife ” is just what and... Suv was broken into his bike down the sidewalk minding his own business in 2018… used for or!